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Fast shipping, great fit and decent price for my 1998 Opel vectors 2.0 16v.Mirror Glass, outside mirror, Right

The Van Wezel spare parts catalogue

Van Wezel Autoparts is a specialist for spare parts related to bodywork, lighting, coolers and ventilators. Our online Van Wezel catalogue includes more than 25,000 spare parts and consumable parts for numerous car brands such as Audi, BMW, Ford and Toyota. With Van Wezel bodywork parts, you are guaranteed spare parts of OEM quality, which display a fit accuracy of more than 99%. See for yourself in the rexbo car parts shop!

Van Wezel spare parts with excellent fit accuracy

The manufacturer Van Wezel Autoparts offers its customers numerous spare parts from different categories. The car parts in the Van Wezel catalogue can be found under three brand names: Equipart, Hagus and International Radiators. Equipart offers certified bodywork parts that are a cost-effective alternative to the original parts. The quality of Van Wezel bodywork parts is checked by 10 workers in order to ensure high-quality products. Security is at the forefront, and all Equipart items are therefore also tested according to certain security criteria. Van Wezel Autoparts also emphasises precision. Laser measurement is used to reduce the gap-size on vehicles, so that bumpers do not stick out beyond mudguards, for example, or mudguards beyond the bonnet. The Magus brand stands for Van Wezel mirrors. Here, the utmost care is taken with workmanship in order to offer products of the highest quality. Under the brand International Radiators, Van Wezel offers car parts for engine cooling and internal cooling.

Van Wezel catalogue in the rexbo car parts shop

The Van Wezel catalogue here on rexbo demonstrates just how extensive the range of this renowned manufacturer is. Of particular note are the high-quality Van Wezel mudguards and all other bodywork spare parts. Furthermore, Van Wezel Autoparts produces bonnets, front panelling, mirrors, bumpers, radiator grilles, repair sheets, headlights and coolers, which are available on rexbo at cost-effective prices. Order the right Van Wezel spare parts for your car quickly and easily, and you will be amazed by the workmanship and precision of their products.

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