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Oil Cooler, automatic transmission

Oil Cooler, automatic transmission Hella: 8MO 376 722-311

For: 2006 Mercedes Vito 115CDi

from Nicholas G at 15.04.2017

The part provided was an exact fit and the packaging offered layers of protection. The issues I have is that having followed the order revocation protocol within 12 hours of placing the order, no action was taken on the instruction. The time taken for the order to arrive (Australia) given the 63 Euro shipping fee, was a bit slow at approximately three weeks.

I may order again through Rexbo but I will take a moment to pause before placing the order as it seems once in the system there is no going back!

Gas Spring, bonnet, Right

Gas Spring, bonnet, Right Febi: 27693

For: VW Passat Variant (3B6) 2.0

from Ivan L at 14.04.2017

Excellent service & product. I decline to buy cheap Chinese imitations even though they are a fraction of the price. However, I have an excellent German product that will probably outlast the car and only took a couple of minutes to fit. A most enjoyable experience all round. A very satisfied customer here!