Boost Pressure Control Valve for Volvo

Boost Pressure Control Valve Pierburg 7.22240.13.0

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  • Valve type: Switch Valve
  • Operating Mode: Electric
  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Technical Information Number: SI 0087
  • Technical Information Number: SI 0089
  • Technical Information Number: SI 0096
Item no. Pierburg: 7.22240.13.0
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PIERBURG: 7.22240.13.0
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Replace No
7.22240.05.0 - 7.22240.06.0 - 7.22240.08.0

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30670448 - 8627299 - 9473212

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Volvo S80 I (TS, XY) 3.0 T6

Von: Herbert CThursday, 28. April 2011

2002 Volvo S80 T6, US spec., 67,000 miles. For several years the car exhibited surging acceleration, only at full throttle, as if turbo waste gate was "hunting" for the proper boost level. Problem gradually worsened over the years.

Thinking this might be a secondary effect of worn out spark plugs, I changed out the factory originals for Bosch FR7DC+. No change. Researched the problem a bit more and some suggested the Turbo Boost Control Valve might be the issue. It "throttles"the turbo wastegate based on input from the engine management computer. Purchased and installed the part ($49.76 in US) this afternoon. Test drove the car and surge was fully cured. Acceleration is much smoother and controlled, no longer feels like a motorboat in choppy seas. Engine power curve is far more steady, from idle to red line. Can't notice any increase in overall power, but drivability difference is like night and day with the new valve. Good road, GlueckAuf Sterling Heights, Michigan USA

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