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Almost every vehicle manufacturer relies on products from NGK

NGK mainly produces sparks, glow plugs, sensors and ignition cables serving the ignition of vehicles. This is assigned on a super high quality level, as the list of customers underlines. For many years all prestigious and also luxury vehicle manufacturers are served with those products. So Alfa Romeo, Audi, VW, BMW, Opel, Fiat, Jaguar, Smart, Renault, Ferrari, Daimler Chrysler, Volvo, Seat, Bentley, Saab, Maserati, Renault and Rolls Royce are supplied. Based on such a customer portfolio it becomes directly clear how high the quality of NGK manufactured products is. Since what is good for almost every vehicle manufacturer, is also goof for every end user.

Germany as the most important economic sector within Europe

Germany is, with one of the most important automotive markets in Europe, the European Headquarter since 1979. This location was chosen specifically because of its economic situation and presence and it has always supported all other European offices. Great importance is placed on quality, efficiency and timely delivery of all orders. An efficient logistic guarantees that all parts are delivered on time with a low error rate. At the Technology Center Germany all manufactured products are checked in advance before they leave the warehouse.

NGK Sparks Plug Co.

NGK Sparks Plug Co. is originally a Japanese company, which is also headquartered in Japan. Nevertheless the potential of the European automotive market was recognized early and already 36 subsidiaries opened. About 12.000 people in 11 factories, 20 sales offices and four development centers provide annually a multiple billion dollars turnover. Thereby, the majority is, as expected, generated by the sub-division Automotive Components.