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Goods arrive in very short time indeed. Deliveries are made very promptly, timely and in best...Joint Kit, drive shaft, Wheel Side

Highest quality as a figurehead

When Werner M. Metzger founded the company in 1980 with the import of brakre shoes nobody could tell what proportions this project would take. Today Metzger represents the highest quality for automotive replacement parts. The family owned company has been working together with many same suppliers for several decades. Based on these collaborations an excellent relationship among each other has developed, what guarantees a consistently high quality of products. This was not only recognized by all major car manufacturers within the market, but also by luxury vehicle manufacturers. Therefore Metzger auto parts can be found in top brands like Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati, Maybach and many more. The company's philosophy of customer focus, dedication and continuity is respected and practiced by more than 70 employees. All suppliers of Metzger car parts are ISO-certified and presupplier of well known car brands. This guarantees the customer the highest quality of spare parts possible, as most products comply with original parts. The high level of products is maintained through regular assessments, inspections and qualifications of suppliers. The result is a future-orientated development in cooperation with the suppliers, in order to meet the technical progress of all vehicles. The most important point, which the company has always pursued, is the satisfaction of all customers. To meet this demand Metzger auto parts puts highest value on the right service and customer contact.

Large range of products characterized by high quality

What started with brake shoes results today in more than 20,000 products for the automotive aftermarket. While it only were brake shoes in the beginning, the entire brake assembly with brake discs and linings, brake hoses, hydraulics, control cables and much more is covered at the present. The expansion of the product range was performed in almost all vehicle-related spare parts. So Metzger sells also engine controls, ignition coils, engine and transmission mounts, suspension springs and many other products which are necessary for a professional vehicle repair. The difference between Metzger car parts and other suppliers is the long experience and cooperation with often consistent suppliers. The result is a well-established cooperation that results in high quality parts. Of course, the biggest benefit is for the customers. The high strength and durability of each product ensures each customer a tremendous quality. Based on the broad product portfolio and always same high standards lasting, Metzger is known in the industry by OEM.