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I am very happy with the product I ordered, the delivery of the part came on time as they had...Radiator, engine cooling

Almost 100 years of experience

Magneti Marelli was founded in 1919 and is nowadays one of the oldest suppliers of automobile spare parts. The name is derived from the former and even current production of ignition systems, ignition coils and alternators from which are parts installed in cars and motorcycles. Magneti Marelli is known worldwide as the largest supplier of injection systems. This position in the market is due to the fact that the development of the diesel direct injection by the Fiat group in the 1980s and the development of the common rail injection system in the 1990s was under the lead of this company. Magneti Marelli early defined its company objectives, with which they want to offer their technologies to the end user in the best possible quality at an affordable price. Praiseworthy is the environmental aspect of the company, what has always been a big part of Magneti Marelli in all business objectives and successes. So environmentally friendly technology is developed that ensures the sustainability of the environment. Service is at Magneti Marelli also very important, which is why the company Magneti Marelli Aftermarket Parts & Services introduced. The idea of this concept is to select workshops in Europe, which represent the company and its high quality products and always serve as a point of contact for customers. So there are already 6500 specialist workshops in Europe which hold this status. Through this idea the customer always have a contact person, who is both familiar with the products of Magneti Marelli, as well as their repair and replacement.

Quality at the highest level

Magneti Marelli offers a wide range of different products for the spare parts market for the automotive industry. While it was mainly spare parts that catered to the market from the Electrical segment, the product range has been continuously expanded. So Magneti Marelli currently offers also drive technology, suspension and suspension systems, exhaust systems and plastic components. The high load capacity and quality of the products has been recognized not only by everyday vehicle producers, but also by the Formula-1. For many years Magneti Marelli equips a variety of Formula-1 teams with their parts. This is a very good indication of the longevity and durability of the parts, because if they meet the high demands of Formula-1, so they are more than suitable for everyday use.