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Schaeffler Automotive GmbH & Co. KG
Holme Lacy Road
HR2 6LA Hereford
Great Britain

Phone Number: 143 / 22 64 264
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LUK is a member of the Schaeffler Group and is an automotive supplier for the automotive powertrain of vehicles. The company was founded originally in 1927 and was taken over in 1965 by the brothers Schaeffler. After the war the company produced motor vehicle clutches, clutch discs and disc springs. The acquisition of the Schaeffler brothers LUK gained the necessary recognition and supplied the VW Beetle with diaphragm spring clutches in series from May 1965. Based on this success, the company expanded two years later, both within Germany and internationally. It was followed by further serial production for motor vehicles and thus also the title of a first-tier supplier for the automotive industry.

Schaeffler Group

The Schaeffler Group encompasses a wide product range which are manufactured for the automotive industry. LUK is a subsidiary of the giant that specializes in the drive train of motor vehicles. Thus, in the halls of LUK clutch systems, torsional damper, transmission components, coupling systems and products for commercial vehicles are manufactured. By specialization and generation of an entire company for a particular branch, the Schaeffler Group can focus to 100 percent on the development of products for the power train. This then results in the highest quality products, which have a long development and are suitable for each end user to the fullest.