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Reliability and economy

Herth+Buss is a privately owned company specialist in vehicle electrical and electronic parts for Asian vehicles. Due to the fact that the production is in Germany every single part gets quality feature made Made in Germany. The company's top priorities are reliability and economy. This is of course reflected in the absolutely reliable quality of its parts, which are sourced from original equipment manufacturers or produced in original quality. A further contribution to the efficiency and competitiveness of the company are innovative products which are specifically manufactured together with partners to meet the needs of the workshops.

Specialized products

Herth+Buss has now more than 20,000 brand parts in the delivery program and works on permanent extensions, changes and improvements. Especially the Japanese and Korean market come into focus for the company. There areas such as engine, vehicle electrics and brakes are covered with high quality products that are a lot cheaper compared to other manufacturers. The company offers over 15,000 parts for more than 5,400 vehicle models and thus serves an endlessly large market.

Service, reliability and trust through quality management

The optimization of quality, whether in products or processes, is for Herth+Buss a top priority. Therefore, a lived Total Quality Management is the basis of all creation up to the corporate management. Herth+Buss acts from the point that reliability and trust can be induced to talk as little as quality, innovation and service, what counts are actions. With this objective, the company has its own goals and expectations on an enormously high level. The fact that this idea is a good approach for the company shows the fact that Herth+Buss was awarded from the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) "Recognised for Excellence in Europe". Based on this basic idea Herth + Buss is constantly striving to offer economically profitable products at an optimum production.