Exchanges / Replacements

What is an old part and why?

Old parts are defective parts such as air conditioning compressors wear, alternators, steering gear and steering pumps. Those parts are not suited for the scrap. We work in cooperation with European processors who reconstruct old parts in combination with original parts based on original standards.

How do you have to proceed with a used part?

Payment of the deposit value is stated for each item with the purchase of a replacement part. This amount must be paid in addition to the purchase price of the item. After having returned the old part to us, the deposit is paid back to you.

How do I return my old parts?

Please send your article back to us by an international parcel service of your choice to the address shown in the imprint. Please enclose a copy of the invoice in the package. The postage for the return shipment has to be paid by you, however we will refund up to 9.50 € if you send back an old part with deposit.

It is important to know that the free retrieval does not apply to batteries. More information about the return of spent batteries can be found here.

How does an old part has to look like so I can get my deposit back?

  • Old parts have to be complete, no parts must be missing.
  • The parts must not be jammed or rusted.
  • As to the content the returned old parts must correspond to what was delivered by us.
  • Leaks are not a problem and the most common cause of a damage.

How do I get my deposit amount back?

As soon as the old part is received by us it will be checked. This usually takes 1 to 2 business days. After that you will receive a credit note for the full refund value paid by PayPal, credit/debit card or by direct bank transfer.

Why does the old core tax has to be paid?

According to the German Tax Law § 10 UStG 10.5 UStAE 3 taxes are charged on the exchange procedure of old parts. Old parts are measured with a average figure of 10% of the gross foreign exchange earnings, so the sales tax is 10% of sales tax on the return.

Replacement or new parts?

Replacements parts carry a standard 12-month warranty.

Only original quality replacement parts are installed, so they are always up to date with the newest technology.

The quality is guaranteed to 100% and it is cheaper than a new part. We are working with our suppliers based on ISO9001 and GMO regulations.