Rexbo International GmbH is a young upcoming company with excellent contacts to major manufacturers in Europe operating in the field of auto parts and automotive – spare parts.

A dense network of exclusively selected partners and optimal cost estimation enables us to provide a wide product range at very attractive rates.

Delivery & Refunds

  • Products are delivered within 2 - 5 business days (if in stock)
  • In case of return within 14 days reimbursement of costs for claims and return is done up to 9.50 € (within EU) in the following cases:
  1. We have sent you a wrong or defective item (complaints).
  2. You send us an old part which you have already paid for.
  3. You send us an article for 1 : 1 maintenance.

Rexbo International GmbH was founded by the merger of two companies operating in the motor vehicles, commercial vehicles and spare parts industry in 2006. Our intention is to offer our customers a wide product range with the best quality possible at fair prices.

We are constantly looking for new developments and innovations of online shopping for the purpose of providing you a unique experience while shopping with us.

Rexbo International GmbH stands for the highest standards at competitive market prices. As a primary goal we have set ourselves excellent service and fast deliveries in order to exceed our customers expectations.

We are always up to date and one step ahead.

So always remember Rexbo International GmbH “...moves your car!”