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Mr. Clean: Windshield wiper, wiper arm and wiper blade

The windshield wiper serves the purpose of cleaning the windshield as well as in some cases the rear window of the vehicle and is therefore important for safe operation of a vehicle under all weather conditions. It usually consists of a pair with a wiper blades. There are also versions with one wiper arm only, so called one-arm wipers. These are not only common in car-racing but also on mass produced vehicles, for example at Mercedes-Benz.  

The blade rubber is available in different design on the market

The wiper arm of a windshield wiper is attached to the wiper axis. In addition and as a rule, there is also a joint there which enables the wiper to be folded up including the rubber bearing part. This for example is important when the windshield should be cleaned entirely during a car wash.  

Not seldom, the wiper blade is also divided up into segments with springs for equal pressure on the glass. This way the blade always adapts perfectly to the curved windshield. Two thin elastic metal inserts also ensure this.

An also widely spread modern alternative are the so called flat-bar wipers. Windshield wipers usually are activated with a lever at the steering column which activates an electric motor. The blades are designed vehicle specific or must be shortened to fit.

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