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Perfect windshield washer liquid pump – perfect vision

An efficient windshield cleaning is of great importance for safe operation of a vehicle. Dirt on the windshield impairs vision and causes irritating blinding effects. The windshield washer liquid pump takes the cleaning liquid to the spray jets from where the fluid is sprayed on the windshield. The real cleaning however is done by the windshield wipers. For some vehicles there is also an additional water pump for the rear window. It is mandatory for Xenon headlights also.  

Replace a defective windshield washer liquid pump with a new one

The windshield washer pump gets fed from a water tank, which contains cleansing liquid, mixed according to season in a certain ratio of water to antifreeze. The pump is electrically driven with on board energy, with water flowing through it.  

A wide spread reduction for its use is when it freezes up during sub-zero temperatures. While this can be only of temporary nature, permanent defects may occur in form of general wear, dirt, running hot or corrosion. Not only with the next mandatory safety is inspection in mind but also for general traffic safety, a quick exchange urgently recommended. In view of this low-cost item, repairs do not make sense from an economic point of view.

Vehicle specific replacement is supplied in the inline shop of rexbo Cart Parts.