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Wiper motor and wiper linkage are for movement

As a rule, windshield wiper movement is generated with one or more wiper motors driving the linkages. The wiper motor is activated with a lever at the steering column, with the wipers and wiper blades then in function, wiping the windshield. The most popular design is a rotating, electrically driven wiper motor in one direction, which in turn causes the desired movement via an, as lever gear designed wiper linkage.

Independent wiper motors without linkages

There are also windshield wipers with a so called reversing motor. Meaning, a pair of opposing operating wipers are installed, where each has its own motor. For these, there is no connection via linkages required.  

This design does have its advantages in daily operation. In the event of a blockage due to snow or other external influence, a change in sides is possible, increasing the level of safety. However this version is more costly to produce than the conventional version, consisting of a linkage and only one wiper motor.  For this reason car manufacturers largely revert to the lesser expensive version. One example of a volume model with wipers driven by a reversing motor is the compact van, the Volkswagen Touran.

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