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When while driving the see-through effect is missing, it can quickly become dangerous. Therefore windshield cleaning must function well at any time, not only during rain and snow, but also by means of dirt, dust, and insects or similar on the windshield. The windshield wiper and integrated wiper blade are wearing parts and should be exchanged regularly. An exchange should at least be done, when the wiper motor may just run well but the wiper blade is drawing streaks along its way across the windshield and good vision no longer exists.

From wiper blades to the water pump: rexbo has it all in its sales program

You can easily exchange wiper blades yourself, visiting a service location is not required. Simply order your vehicle specific exchange parts at rexbo, this way you save money twice with our low prices. But also the windshield washer pump and the wiper motor as a rule don’t last forever without a defect. Furthermore and over and above, many cars today have a headlight cleaning device in addition to windshield cleaning. Our online shop also has parts that will fit – from a wiper motor, the standard wiper blade to the water spray jet.

Windshield wiper, a defective washer pump or wiper motor? rexbo takes care of clear vision!