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Steering – consisting of steering gears, power steering pump and other steering parts

The steering takes influence on the direction of travel of a vehicle or other types – different types of steering parts are required for that. Steering gears, tie-rods, the powers steering pump or further components, not only taking care of the desired direction of travel but to do this in a safe and comfortable manner. Therefore many of today’s vehicles have power steering. The power steering pump has the design of a hydraulic pump. If it ever fails, the vehicle has mechanical emergency steering function.  

Steering and steering gears –the modern version

A modern vehicle should be maneuverable quickly and precisely, should have a stable directional stability and avoid transmitting bumps to the driver at the wheel. In addition, focus is on safety, like the behavior of the steering column in a crash and of course there is production cost. Therefore vehicle manufacturers today revert to the so called axle-pivot steering mechanism, mounted to the front axle and in connection with independent suspension.  

The steering gears are commonly designed as rack and pinion steering without a pitman arm. With independent suspension, tie rods and ball joints are mounted on both sides which connect to the steering arm, which in turn are influenced by the steering rod and the steering arm.  
While components like the steering column, as a rule are not subject to wear, the ball joints do wear after continued use. Also the steering boot, a kind of bellow over the tie rod wears out after years. Depending on design, the length of the tie rods is coordinated with the dimensions of the wishbones, in order to increase track consistency during spring compression. Some vehicle models have a so called steering dampener which prevents dangerous steering shimmy and –wobble. The ratio between steering wheel, steering gears and tie rod on cars is usually between 14:1 and 20:1, on trucks it is substantially higher.

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