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Top Headlight Brands

Headlights – from the high-beam bulb to the complete headlight unit

Much more than just a simple lamp. Headlights are the most important part of vehicle lighting and inevitable for the safe operation of an automobile.  

Through the night with high- and low-beam

The headlights, low- and high-beam shine on the roadway in darkness or in bad visibility and make it possible to recognize the course of the road. Also obstacles are recognizable with headlights on and can be avoided. In addition, headlights have the function to be visible for other traffic participants. Therefore all lamps of the headlights must be working.     

Different types of headlights: Halogen and Xenon

While up to the middle 90’s only headlights with halogen technology were made, after the Xenon headlights began their march to victory. This new type of headlight, instead of utilizing a filament to light up. It uses gas filled pistons to light up which can be used as high- and low-beam. They are so called gas-discharge lamps along with their control units. Their light looks blueish in comparison to a usual headlight.  One advantage of this kind of light in comparison to halogen lights is their increased brightness. But also perfectly adjusted conventional headlights can provide for good lighting. The latest trend are lights with LED-elements and in their full treatment as LED-headlights including high-beam.

rexbo Car Parts delivers all parts for headlights from high-beam via headlight-range adjustment to a complete headlight units.