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A flasher is usually responsible for the switching of signal lamps on a motor vehicle. Usually it is taken care in the construction that the switching operations are as distinct click audibly and / or the function is signaled acoustically. The loud ticking is not a bad design, but a desirable property. Flasher are always carefully programmed to a certain voltage and current, which is why it is important to check during an exchange if the number of lamps and the performance is designed to provide the correct data. Compared to today's vehicles, which have a system voltage of 12 or 24 volts, a voltage of 6 volts is given mostly on older models. For automobiles a distinction between the direction and the flashing warning lights is done. For each type an individual flasher is needed otherwise no control can be generated. Here, the direction switch turns the flasher for the direction of the flashing and the hazard warning flasher switch for the hazard warning lights flashing.