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More safety in traffic with daytime driving light

Daytime driving light is commonly known as a supplementary lighting built into the headlights. Marked with the ECE label, it is a piece of equipment installed by car manufacturers but is also available vehicle specific as an aftermarket item. Generally daytime driving lights may be used only during the day and in good weather conditions. Exceptions are vehicles for which the use of other sources of light is prescribed for, like e.g. motorcycles. In some European countries, daytime driving lights are law, in Germany however it is only recommended.

The daytime driving light: Energy efficient, sustainable and with very intense lighting

With its low luminosity but yet intensive lighting, the daytime driving light calls for a clearly better visibility of one’s self without lighting up the roadway. This way, daytime driving lights are to increase the level of safety in traffic. In this country and with few exceptions, there is special and adaptive daytime driving light: When the conventional headlights are put on, the daytime lights must be deactivated, low beam and daytime driving lights are not allowed to be on together. Daytime driving lights are available in special long-life halogen versions as in an almost maintenance-free LED-edition. Especially with the LED-daytime driving light, the after-market installation can also easily be performed with no problems using universal daytime lights, because of their small size.

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