Combination Taillight

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Mounted at the rear taillights form a light unit satisfies the diverse functions that are required by law for road traffic. The lighting functions are operated with the help of light bulbs and more frequently for new models with the LED technology. Functions in motor vehicles are:

- Rear light (red, 5 or 10 watts continuous illuminated called together with the front marker lights, also called "parking light")

- Brake lights (red, 21 W)

- Indicator (Orange, 21 W, allowed until the end of 1969, in red, since the 1990s, often realized with white and orange colored bulb cover glass)

- Reversing lights (white, 21 or 16 W)

- Fog lights (red, 21 W)

- Side marker lights (yellow or red, 5 or 10 W, along with the tail light) some indicator lights (white, 5 W)