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Next to braking and steering, vehicle lights play an evenly important role, as in darkness or bad visibility because of fog, rain or snow. Headlights, taillights or fog-lamps are of decisive importance for traffic safety. Like many vehicle parts which are subject to wear and aging, lamps and lights are no different. In addition, lighting, because of its exposed location on the vehicle is subject to damage because of pitting, vandalism and accidents.

Complete lighting, from taillight to bend lighting systems

Just like all other vehicle components, lighting installations have gone through rapid development in recent decades. There are many such examples beginning with the extensive distribution of Xenon-headlights, right down into the compact vehicle segments, on to the development of special bend lighting, up to the increasingly popular daytime driving lights in LED-technology. The choice of possibilities and its different variations is shown in the rexbo offering in the department of vehicle lighting. No matter if you want to add additional headlights or repair the inside lighting or to replace headlights or signal lights as the result of an accident, you have all options at rexbo!

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