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Gas springs for the rear hatch, amongst others, spare parts for trunk and cargo area

While paying a lot of attention to the appearance of the outside paint, engine and transmission of the vehicle and conducting preventive maintenance, trunk lid and rear hatch often remain neglected. However there are also parts which are subject to wearing out over time and prolonged use. These are the gas springs of the rear hatch and/or the rubber damper fastened for the cover of the rear cargo area.

Why the rubber on the cargo room cover has a limited lifespan?

Even if not noticed on a daily basis, rubbers at the cargo cover receive constant use. This happens by frequent lifting and lowering of the rear hatch while stashing away items from shopping and related, but also due to constant sun radiation through the back window. At one point the rubbers get bridle and chapped, they rip and can no longer hold the cargo area cover. As it is only fastened at two fixing points, the exchange can be done by one’s self. With every opening and closing of the back hatch, gas springs are activated and as a result become either hard or weak. Generally these gas springs are loaded with nitrogen and a small quantity of oil, which then, like the shock absorber are interactive with a piston. The seal is a neuralgic point when the gas escapes though it. When the gas springs can no longer hold up the hatch, they do become a safety risk and must be replaced. With the proper tools and some skill of a craftsman, replacement can be done also by one’s self.  

Vehicle specific gas springs and rubber dampers for exchange at the rear hatch and cargo area cover can be found at rexbo in large numbers.