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Interior parts in all facets: Parts from rexbo

Vehicle interiors are subjected to a lot of wear in daily use. Every time you enter a park house the electric windows purr up and down and getting in and out of the car, readjusting the seat after a change of driver is wearing the most robust seats down in time. However modern vehicles last for 10 years or longer and at the same time car interiors contain very elaborate technology and electronic components. It becomes obvious that safety-, communication-, and comfort systems like seat-heating, alarms, audio components and much more will require replacement parts after time.

Wearing parts and special interior parts

When compiling our assortment we have paid much attention to a broad choice of available parts in order to really cover all areas of an interior. Of course you will receive the “standard” parts at rexbo, which are those that just wear out in time in any vehicle.These are pedal pads or steering column levers. In addition we also stock articles about which you would not immediately think when you hear the keyword interior. These are gas loaded springs for the foot-parking brake of an Audi Q7 and VW Touareg or for a rear hatch for different models, up to special parts like fold-down table springs for the Renault Espace.

In matters of interior, rely on top quality at a low price from rexbo!