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Sparkplug: Platinum, Iridium and Silver for better performance

Generally the sparkplug creates a spark between its electrodes, which in turn ignites the fuel/air mixture. This is elementary for the gasoline engine. However sparkplug is not always sparkplug. Iridium, platinum and silver are materials which are used in manufacturing them. In addition there can be split-, two-, three-, or even four electrodes.

Standard sparkplug or silver-, platinum- or an iridium version?

With the standard sparkplug, iron-nickel-chromium alloys are used, or even nickel alone is used as a material for electrodes, whereby a copper core is there for assisting to divert heat. If bigger strain is expected, the sparkplug is manufactured in platinum, silver or iridium. The advantage is at least in its longer durability.

Still in the 1980’s, sparkplugs had to be changed after a maximum of 15,000 kilometers as they had lost their ability to perform properly and were a risk for the engine after that. Modern sparkplugs with platinum, iridium or silver on their base electrodes are clearly slower in wearing out and could theoretically remain in the engine for up to 100,000 kilometers. Suitability for the individual engine must however be examined carefully.

rexbo Car Parts supplies the right sparkplugs, amongst others as platinum-, silver- or iridium version from differed manufacturers like Bosch, febi Bilstein and NGK.