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The coil: This where the impulse for the ignition is created

The coil is a component of the ignition system on gasoline engines. It is designed like a transformer but it works as a spark-inductor. Without it, a vehicle could not get started nor maintained in operation.

Ignition installation: standard coil and the modern coil-unit

The conventional version of a coil and distributor for all cylinders works as follows: When the ignition is switched on, electricity flows through the primary coil windings and a magnetic field id formed. This transmits itself to the secondary windings, because of a common iron core. When a circuit beaker is then opened, a high tension impulse is induced at a value of 15,000 to 30,000 volts in the secondary circuit. This impulse is sent from the coil via wires to the sparkplugs which initiate combustion.  

Modern vehicle construction has more and more switched over from a standard coil to a coil-unit of a fully electronic ignition. Here each sparkplug has its own ignition module with a coil. Distributor and cables became obsolete with the coil-unit, whereby the possibility of damage or general vulnerability is noticeably reduced, also in terms of radio interference.  

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