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Ignition cable set and coil: High tension guaranteed

The ignition cable set consists of the cables and the appropriate caps for the sparkplugs. It is the electric connection between coil and/or the distributor and sparkplugs, without which there would not be any spark and the engine could not run.

From the coil to the sparkplug: Plug-connections etc. are always strained with high tension electricity

The general principle of function is as follows: High tension is created in the coil, the so called ignition tension and is passed to the sparkplugs. There are up to 30,000 volts flowing through plugs and cables, therefore the cables etc. must be of respective resilience in order to ensure unincumbered transmission of electric power under all conditions.

In order to achieve this, ignition cables are either made as blind resistor lines with conductor material of barbed wire, electromagnetic carbon and silicone or low resistance copper wires. In each version, the resistor is for radio interference suppression. In the event not being of equal length, due to the construction of the engine, a no resistance copper line is the choice. In this case, the resistor for the wiring leading to the ignition is then attached to the sparkplug.  

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