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Air-conditioner/heater: Interaction by control unit, heat exchanger etc.

Next to a heater in modern vehicles, there is also an air-conditioning unit installed. It usually is of automatic design. This results in considerably increased comfort in comparison to those of former years, but consists of a comprehensive amount of parts. The spectrum begins with a simple resistor for the fan, reaches up to the control unit and over to the interior air filter.  

The general function of the air-conditioning unit and the changeover to the heater

The design of an air-conditioning unit is comparable to that of a refrigerator. By means of evaporation in a heat-exchanger, a substance is continuously cooled down. The evaporated cold air flows through the interior air filter and through vents into the passenger compartment thus achieving the desired cooling-down effect. At the same time, the control unit receives data from the temperature sensor of the compartment temperature indicator, with this information, depending on the difference between the desired inside temperature and the actual temperature, heating or air-conditioning is activated automatically. Flawless functioning is not only important for comfort but is also important for safety in traffic. Steamed up windows or frozen windows can be combatted effectively with heating or air-conditioning. Thanks to modern control units, the worry about a too high fuel consumption is unfounded.

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