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A fuel pressure regulator takes over the task to keep the fuel delivered by the fuel pump pressure and to carry out the connection line from the intake manifold to the fuel pressure regulator. In gasoline engines with manifold injection, the fuel pressure is regulated depending on intake manifold pressure. By thus constant pressure difference between the intake manifold and the fuel system, the injected quantity of fuel is dependent only on the opening time of the injectors. In some cases, the intake manifold pressure is measured by the engine control unit and adapted to the injection time of the change of the fuel pressure is in this case completely constant. The fuel pump creates the pressure which is limited by the system pressure regulator (fuel pressure regulator). When the engine is stopped, the pressure is supposed to be obtained. If the pressure drops immediately, there are hot-start problems. Apart from external leaks, the cause may be from internal leaks such as Injectors, fuel rail, pressure regulator, fuel pump.