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Fuel Supply System

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Fuel tank, fuel pump etc. This is how fuel gets to the engine

Whoever thinks of fuel, has as a rule the picture of a fuel tank in mind. Rightfully so, because without this component made from steel, aluminum or plastic, the operation of automobiles, and trucks etc. would not be possible. However many more parts come into play, to transport fuel from the tank to the engine.

The interaction between the fuel pressure regulator, the injectors and other components

One of the most important components is the fuel pump, depending on the type of fuel and application area, either operating according to the displacement- or centrifugal principle. As a rule, it is operated electrically and is inside the fuel tank. Because of fuel flowing through, an effective lubrication and cooling of the fuel pump motor is achieved.  

In addition, the fuel pressure regulator is of high importance. It makes sure that the fuel arrives at the injectors at a constant pressure level.  Inside the fuel pressure regulator there is a spring operated membrane and with it, the flow-through to the injectors in the main line is regulated. In general, the fuel pressure regulator is found directly next to the fuel filter.  

In order for the driver to always have clarity about the current level of his fuel, there is a sensor for that. It mostly consists of a float gauge in a float-tube situated inside the tank. The level at which the float-gauge is at, has an impact on an electrical resistor, from which the fuel volume inside the tank can be determined. In most cases, the fuel level is transmitted to a gauge at the combination instrument panel. In many cases the range for the remaining fuel is also displayed there.

In addition, the fuel cooling device has established itself in vehicle technology. It is integrated for the back-flow into the tank and helps to lower the temperature of the excess fuel flowing back. During high outside temperatures and a small remaining tank volume, the fuel cooler prevents overheating or even the evaporation of the fuel.

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