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The fuel system: Nothing goes without it.

To neglect maintenance of the fuel system is everything but recommendable. Because the engine is the heart of the vehicle and the fuel system is no less than its vascular system. Only a flawless fuel system warrants sufficient fuel, no matter which kind, in order to work in an optimal manner under all driving conditions. Problems with the fuel system, if neglected, can lead to further damage on the vehicle and depending on its dimension, may lead to hazards in traffic.

Three parts in the area of fuel systems – always in first class quality

In order to avoid problems, like corroded fuel lines, plugged filters and other defective parts, they must be exchanged immediately. Just with cars of the premium segment and exclusive brands like Audi, BMW or Porsche is occurs quickly and can become very expensive when utilizing the services of the authorized dealer. We at rexbo are offering alternatives, attractive in price and in excellent quality. Categorized in three easy to overlook subject groups to be found with us – fuel/air mixing, fuel-pump, carburetor – from throttle valve and its socket up to repair kits for carburetors to fuel pumps as a complete set, all you need for repairs to your fuel system.

Your car will be well off with parts for the fuel system from rexbo – we promise!