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A good oil filter keeps oil and engine clean

The oil filter is a small but important part of an engine configuration. It serves the purpose that engine oil stays clean for the duration to the next oil change.

The oil filter: Design and function

In order to keep it performing, it is important that no dirt particles are in the engine oil. The lubricant is constantly circulating, from the oil pan through the channels and back into its pool. In order to maintain clean oil, the filter can pick up a large portion of dirt particles, ensuring purity of the oil. If particles would not get filtered out, increased wear on the engine components and gaskets would follow.  

As a rule, such a filter consists of a metal housing and a filter element inside from fleece or other textile material. A seal prevents leaking at the outside of the engine block. The oil filter and seal are replaced within the framework of fixed oil changing intervals. There are manufacturer guidelines for that.

Yet another, when even with similar function is the hydraulics filter, installed amongst other places in automatic transmissions and power steering units. Particles are filtered out and the hydraulic stays cleaned that way.  

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