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The passenger compartment filter takes care of clean air

The passenger compartment filter takes care of clean air flowing inside from the vents inside the vehicle. Exhaust fumes of other vehicles and also allergy causing pollen are actively disposed of and remain with the filter, that’s because it must be replaced on a regular basis – as noted in the relevant vehicle inspection- and maintenance schedules.

Modern activated charcoal filters are more than just pollen and particle filters

Especially needed during extreme weather conditions and pollen flight, when driving through tunnels or while stopped in traffic jams and stop and go traffic conditions, air pollution is quite severe. Because of steadily rising traffic volume, it became necessary to design special particle and pollen filters to preserve the health of passengers inside the vehicle and to increase their comfort. The first passenger compartment air filter dated back to the 1970’s, since the 1990’s they are widespread in use and can now be found in every vehicle. In earlier versions as particle- and pollen filters, they are now engineered as so called combination filters. The combination filters not only act as pollen- and particle filters but also do away with harmful fumes. Over and above other versions, an additional layer of active charcoal makes this possible. The passenger compartment air filter is seated in a frame of either textile or plastic.  

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