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Modern air purification elements: Air filters and secondary air filters

The air filter in cars and trucks etc., has one decisive task: It purifies the air, mostly taken in at the grill or near the front bumper, making it free of harmful particles and dirt before it gets into the combustion chambers of the engine. This purification is of elementary importance as otherwise contamination in the engine becomes a threat, damage to the engine may occur and at the same time, perfect engine working order must be warranted at all times. The air filter is in the engine compartment in an appropriate housing for it, the air filter box.

Low priced air filters on paper-basis

Vehicle manufacturers use mostly dry filters, they are made from textile, folded and are similar to paper-based filter elements which are either glued or vulcanized into a frame. By being folded into a zig-zag shape, the filter area is increased and the flow-through resistance decreased. This type of air filter is effective and can also be produced at a low cost, it is of one-way design. Based on the end of its life span and fixed service intervals for the car, it is exchanged during maintenance work for a new one. Many vehicles also have a secondary filter installed. This secondary filter, also called preliminary filter is usually also located in the air filter box and cleans air, coming in from the engine and/or the crankcase ventilation.  

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