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Whether air filter, fuel- or oil filter – high grade filters from rexbo

In order for components of a car to be of lasting and optimal function, proper high grade filters are required. Applied in different areas of the vehicle, they purify liquids and gases and protect the engine from excessive dirt. As a passenger compartment filter they prevent intrusion of soot, pollen and dust, as a rule however only over a limited period of time. They are therefore subject to regular replacement or renewal, mostly during a vehicle service inspection.

Low priced filters in first class brand quality – single or in sets

We supply high grade filters for any application and every type of vehicle – from an air filter for the engine, to pollen- and/or interior filters, up to the oil filter, fuel filter and hydraulics filter all from renowned manufacturers like Bosch, Mann or Febi. In addition, our shop carries complete filter sets for many vehicle models. The delivery contains all the filters needed according to manufacturer specification, like oil filter, fuel- and air filter as well as passenger compartment filter, if required so that you receive all products in equal quality from one source.