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Turbo charger and accessories: Mounting kit, oil lines, pressure inducers etc.

The turbo charger, in short called turbo, houses an exhaust turbine and a compressor on a shaft. These are driven by engine exhaust and create pressure. Depending on the objective and design, a considerable performance increase and higher efficiency can be achieved, perhaps a combination of the two.

Unfortunately not all chargers are the same: Different types of turbos

In general there is a differentiation between pulse charging and supercharging. With the first one, the movement energy of the exhaust is used, with the second, exhaust is gathered, building up pressure and then lead to the turbine. Meanwhile there are different designs and areas of application for turbo chargers, like for example their use in pairs of equally big chargers (twin-/biturbo) or interchanging use of turbos of different size (sequential twin-turbo). As a rule, turbo chargers are supplied with lubricant via an oil line, some also have additional water cooling.

Complete turbo charger: From a mounting kit to the pressure transducer

Today this technology is common in all vehicle segements. Many small- and compact cars with diesel engines have a turbo charger but also trucks and other commercial vehicles utilize the principle of turbo charging. Of course the different types of turbo chargers require the right oil line, a pressure transducer or a relevant mounting kit. At rexbo there are vehicle specific components available, from and electric-pneumatic pressure transducer to the oil line, up to a complete turbo charger mounting kit including gaskets, seals and screws and bolts.