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The muffler: Pre-muffler, center-muffler, end-muffler

When speaking of the muffler, the end-muffler is usually referred to. As the end-muffler is one of the most important parts of the muffler system, it can well encompass three mufflers, the already mentioned end-muffler, the center-muffler and perhaps the pre-muffler. In addition there are also exhaust manifold, Y-pipe and the catalytic converter. In some cases the flowing gases are also sometimes regulated by an automatic-or manually operated exhaust-flaps system.

Pre-muffler and center-muffler

As the name already says, the center-muffler is located in the center of the exhaust system. There is a perforated tube inside, in the space between pipe and housing there is damping material in form of basalt fibers and steel wool. The purpose for the perforation is to spread the exhaust flow, to slow it down, thus reducing vibrations. By means of the damping material, high frequency sound waves are absorbed and the noise level is reduced. The pre-muffler is found in mostly older car models, while today and as a rule, the center-muffler connects directly to the catalytic converter.  

The end-muffler, ending the exhaust system

The end-muffler marks the end of the exhaust system. There are different designs on the market. Besides the described absorption principle, there is the reflection-muffler, meaning the end-muffler with several chambers dampened toward the outside. By subdivision of certain exhaust flows of different lengths they eliminate sound waves against each other, the so called interference effect. Also combinations of both types of mufflers are quite common.

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