Lambda Sensor

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The universal-lambda sensor and adapter for the wiring harness

Thee-way catalytic converters for gasoline engines, already common since the 1980’s have an also meanwhile common lambda sensor.

Regulating sensor for determining the ratio of air/fuel for combustion

The lambda sensor is a regulating sensor, it measures the residual oxygen content in the combustion exhaust and compares it to the oxygen in the air. This value is led to the fuel-management system which utilizes it for controlling the fuel mixture. This way, the fuel/air ratio, the so called exhaust- or lambda-ratio is determined and controls and minimizes the emission of soot, nitrogen oxides and other harmful gases. As a consequence, lambda sensors are mounted with special drill-holes at the exhaust system, often to the manifold. Depending on the vehicle model, engine size and engine power etc., the control activity is done by one or more lambda sensors of different design.

Adapter for the lambda sensor: From the universal part to the vehicle wiring harness

If desired exhaust values cannot be obtained, the catalytic converter must be defective. In many cases only one lambda sensor is defective and it is the one which is of elementary function but it can be replaced at clearly lower cost. In such a case it makes good sense to revert to a universal lambda sensor which works just as dependable and can be had at a lower price. Connecting this universal sensor to the vehicle wiring harness is done with the help of a specific adapter.

rexbo Car Parts has lambda sensors of the universal kind but also many different types of adapters in its sales program.