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The more modern cars are getting, the more complex are their exhaust systems. Still in the 80`s and 90’s the extent of an exhaust system was met with exhaust manifold, primary- center- and end muffler and perhaps the catalytic converter, while today sophisticated means of cleaning exhaust and muffler sounds are found in vehicles of the upper medium segment today. For this, multiple lambda sensors, urea injectors or electronically operated exhaust flaps are used.

Save money when replacing the exhaust system

Of the high value the different components really are becomes evident when the center muffler, the end muffler or the entire exhaust system calls for renewal. This will surely happen someday – even when exhaust systems today are not made from corrosion free stainless steel. The good news is: You can save a lot of money when you don’t get your exhaust parts replacement from the BMW-, Alfa-Romeo dealer, or at the different factory outlets but to get it directly from us online. In terms of quality and fit, end-, or center muffler from Eberspächer, Ernst or Walker are equal in quality to the original part from the rexbo assortment. After all, the car manufacturers are also reverting to suppliers. Same applies to high quality parts like lambda sensors from Bosch or catalytic converters from Twintec.
The next exhaust system or component comes from rexbo – you will find all parts for your exhaust system with us!