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A cylinder head gasket (CHG) is used to seal the combustion chamber and the coolant and engine oil channels. This component is of great importance and is installed between the crankcase and cylinder head. Moreover, it has a considerable influence on the distribution of power within the gasoline engine between the components. In cases of engine failures are defects in the cylinder head gasket is the most common case which includes different consequences. Combustion gases will be taken to the cooling water chamber where the cooling performance is reduced by the increased gas content in the cooling water. By mixing of the engine oil to the cooling water a brown deposits to clogging of the water circuit and the cooling water channels may occur. The other way round, the cooling water can get in the lubricating oil circuit so that the lubricating ability is reduced and the risk of bearing damage. Harmful to the driver would be if the combustion gases in the ambient air enter the basis of smoke, at risk of engine fire and toxic fumes.