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If manifold or water pump, if single gasket or a gasket set: Quality is what counts

Everywhere in the engine compartment, where different components are bolted together, a suitable gasket is needed. This is for the manifold, the turbo-charger as well as the cylinder head. But gasket and gasket are not the same: For demanding conditions, like high pressure or high temperatures, make an exact selection of materials mandatory, where resilience and sustainability are featured. For a complete engine job or similar applications, a gasket set is often offered, which provides fitting gaskets for the cylinder head, turbo-charger and water pump.  

The manifold gasket as well as the entire set are subject to enormous strain

During vehicle operation, the exhaust manifold easily reaches temperatures up to 900 degrees. Therefore the gasket must be made of metal or other heat resisting material. For example, the turbo-charger requires a gasket on the manifold as well as on the perhaps present oil- and cooling water connections. Here, depending on the location, the focus is on temperature sensitivity as well as resistance against antifreeze etc. The latter also applies to the water pump and its gaskets.

At the cylinder head, sealing to the engine block is important, so that oil and cooling water do not mix. This would lead to engine damage before long and even to attached parts like the turbo-charger and the water pump. The gaskets as single parts or in form of an entire set, when installed, must resist warp-free to the high pressure levels which are inside the engine. The same applies to the high differences in temperature between while in operation and cold engine. At the same time there must be insensitivity against engine oil and antifreeze. Meanwhile, as a rule, metal gaskets are placed between the engine block and cylinder head which consist of several layers of spring steel, supplemented with fine layers of elastomer.

rexbo Car Parts offers many different gaskets as single parts, whether for the water pump or as a complete gasket set.