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Crankshaft- and lambda sensor representative for the part of engine electronics

Still into the 1980’s there was rather little electronics found in the engine compartment – fuel mixture was done in a carburetor and devices for cleaning exhaust were just not installed. This however has changed from the ground up in later years. Today an unaccounted number of electronic components are found with engines. As examples of that, the crankshaft- and lambda sensor are described here in detail.

Lambda sensor is for the rest-oxygen, the crankshaft sensor for engine revolutions and crankshaft position measurement

The lambda sensor is one of the most important factors for effectively measuring emissions of modern vehicles. It measures the remaining oxygen in emissions and is mostly located at the exhaust manifold or a nearby place. It is the aim to determine the lambda-ratio, to achieve an optimal adjustment and with the help of that, to keep harmful emissions at a minimum. Commonly in use are so called Nernst- as well as resistive probes. The first type utilizes solid state electrolytes for their measuring, the other type of lambda sensor is measuring resistance on ceramics.  

The crankshaft sensor on the other hand is collecting data of the engine revolutions and the position of the crankshaft. It is an inductance transmitter which consists of a coil and a magnet. The location of the crankshaft sensor is at the flywheel, to be exact, at its outer edge. When the crankshaft turns and the flywheel with its iron teeth, a magnetic field changes in the crankshaft sensor. Followed by a reduction of electric tension in the coil. This tension change serves the engine management as a value, to determine revolutions which again controls ignition timing and the injection of fuel. Furthermore the controlling crankshaft sensor also delivers the value of the crankshaft position, which also serves the determination of a correct point for ignition.

Customers can receive a lambda sensor as well as a crankshaft sensor online in the rexbo-Car Parts shop. In addition there are many more sensors and control units in the area of engine electronics available.