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Crankshaft, piston ring and camshaft: Crank operations etc.

The so called cranking action changes oscillating linear piston movement into rotation crankshaft movement and the power of the pistons is transferred to the crankshaft by the connecting rods. The latter is offset which creates torque. Cranking movement consists of the crankshaft, the pistons including piston rings and -pins of the connecting rods as well as the flywheel. An important connected part is the camshaft.  

Interactions of camshaft, pistons and crankshaft

The camshaft is allocated to the valve movement and propelled with either a timing belt or timing chain. It looks like a rod which has knobs, pointing in different directions – the cams. With these cams, the camshaft, is rotating inside the cylinder-head and operates the valve movement. As a result of insufficient lubrication, or wear due to age, an uneven engine run as well as a characteristic engine clatter can be noticed.

When the fuel injected through the valves ignites along with the oxygen, the pistons begin their movement. They transfer this power to the crankshaft as described above and the rest of the cranking operation.

In this connection, the piston ring is a part that seals the combustion room and guides heat against the cylinder walls, the area of piston travel. An increased oil consumption can therefore be an indicator for worn piston rings which should be replaced during the course of an extended engine service.

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