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Engine and transmission: Cylinder head, gaskets, etc.

When gaskets or seals are defective on an engine, a quick- and expert exchange is called for. If such leaks at the cylinder head and at other places of engine and transmission are neglected for a longer period of time, there is the threat of uncontrolled loss of oil and other substances harmful to the environment. In addition serious mechanical damage may occur. With time, also motor mounts may suffer from wear or the engine management is working incorrectly, so that repairs or exchange of parts will become necessary.

Whether automatic transmission, manual shift or engine: You are in good shape with rexbo

In the assortment of rexbo you will find everything you need in gaskets and seals which you may need for engine and transmission. In addition there are also parts for the fuel- and engine management, also replacement camshafts, fan belts, pulleys and much more. Repair kits for manual- and automatic transmissions, braces, dampeners and engine mounts, we have them all in our sales program, just like vacuum pumps and expansion bolts for the cylinder head. We also carry short-blocks and entire engines for brands like Suzuki, Kia, Hyundai and Mitsubishi from Japanparts. No matter if engine management or other areas like engine and transmission, whether gaskets/seals or mechanical parts up to a complete drivetrain: rexbo supplies first class quality at customer friendly prices.

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