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The starter-battery: No car can do without it

The car battery, also referred to as starter-battery or simply battery delivers the required electric energy to the starter motor in fuel burning engines. In line with the car model and equipment in it, different sizes and different power levels are required. Common are amongst others starter-batteries on lead and gel basis. The power capacity of a car battery is described in Ampere.

Functioning and potential weaknesses of a car battery

During the vehicle startup process, up to 1,000 Amp may be needed short term. In order to maintain functionality even under adverse outside conditions, the starter-battery is an accumulator, called accu in short which continuously receives charge with the engine running. Therefore, under ideal circumstances, there is enough electrical power available to start the engine up again after parking. After standing for a long time, it can actually happen that the power level of the battery has dropped beyond a point that start-up energy is insufficient.  

There is an additional challenge with modern vehicles that are equipped with much multi-media equipment and comfort features which are fed from the car battery even when the engine is turned off. If the battery capacity is not lower than 20% of its full-status, it can has rule be bridged with jumper cables and driven after or to get connected to a battery charging device.  

Seasonably operated vehicle which are not in operation during the wintertime, interim charging of the battery is especially recommended. If the battery becomes unrepairable due to age or other influences then only its exchange is of help.

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