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The alternator – generator for electric power

The alternator is an electric energy generator which supplies the car with the required electrical energy for driving. As soon as the engine is running, it is driven by a belt or V-shaped ribbed belt. The alternator continuously charges the car battery in order to provide that required power for the next engine start-up.

The alternator: Its name and features

With the background in mind, that the generator serves different parts of the vehicle with electricity, we will take a look into the past of vehicle manufacturing. Back then the alternator, called generator was actually designed for providing electricity for the headlights while starting the engine was performed with a hand-crank. In the course of technical development, what was formerly called the generator has now become the alternator.  

Today generators are commonly installed as alternators as so called claw-pole generators, along with a rotor and stator. The rotor initiates, creating a three-phase AC-current induced in the stator coils and after rectification feeds into the vehicle’s electrical network. The rectifiers are commonly listed as silicone diodes. At modern alternators, regulators, freewheels, bearings and clamping bolts can be exchanged separately. .

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