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The electrics installed in modern vehicles has different faces. Apart from elementary components, like the battery or the starter without which a vehicle won’t even start. Many sophisticated features have arrived in in cars over the past few years, in the medium price segment and the compact or small car segments. Of course the guiding principle here also is, the more electrics/electronics installed, the more can go wrong.

Electrics in all facets – from the starter to the control unit

It is winter and the engine does not turn over to start- the battery is dead and must be replaced. When trying to start, the engine only clicks a few times, it is no total electric failure but only a defective starter motor. However damage to electrical cannot always be easily diagnosed is it easy to eliminate. If the wiring harness is broken on an older station wagon and causes electric interference or when defects appear only sporadically, then diagnose becomes often quite difficult. However if the defect is found, than you can get help quickly at a low price, with products from our range.  

rexbo offers replacement for commonly everything electical which is built into modern vehicles with relevant replacement parts, from a simple relay to a vehicle specific wiring harness up to a complete fuse-box or a fuel management unit.