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Injector, air-conditioning and compressor etc. Design and function of the air-conditioning unit

Almost everyone has once pushed the button on the dashboard to activate air-conditioning. What happens after, is only known by few people. Here the function of the most commonly used air-conditioning units is explained, amongst other things consisting of injector, evaporator, compressor and pressure switch.

High pressure feed through the injector, controlled by the pressure switch

Under high pressure, through an injector, the cooling agent is forced into a space with a low pressure level.  During this, the cooling agent is still in fluid form, it expands inside of an evaporator and changes its original shape. The freed evaporated cooling is now transported through the air vents into the vehicle passenger compartment and causes the desired cooling. The cooling agent has now become gaseous.  

Subsequently it is transported to the air-conditioning compressor. It is belt-driven and is transporting the gaseous cooling agent through the system by sucking it in and compressing it. During this, its temperature  will be increased to over 50°C.  

Now the gas is led into the heat exchanger, it is the condenser which again cools down the hot and compressed gas so that it becomes fluid again. Under ideal conditions it will then be subjected to the streaming air of driving, the unit is ideally at the front of the vehicle or at an exposed part at the bottom. A punctured condenser due to stone pitting belongs to the neuralgic damages which it can sustain.

After the cooling agent has been purified by a drying filter, the air-conditioning unit guides it again to the evaporator and the cycle begins again. In order for the pressure in front of the expansion valve remaining within safe parameters, it is controlled by a pressure switch. This pressure switch for example has the task to activate the ventilation fan in front of the condenser or to deactivate the magnetic clutch at the pulley of the air-conditioning compressor.
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