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Cooling and heating – with rexbo your head remains cool

Functioning of your vehicle is not only important in the summertime. Are some parts of the cooling systems, like the condenser, thermostat, heat exchanger, water hoses or the radiator leaking or otherwise defective? Then this can lead to total engine damage. But it also cannot be done without, in terms of comfort to keep an eye on vehicle heating and cooling. Every passenger in your vehicle will be happy when heating or air-conditioning is in good working order. This is the only way to provide cuddly warmth when it is freezing outside or a refreshing cooling effect during high temperatures outside and when a pleasant inside climate can be achieved.

Function und Comfort with heating and cooling – thanks to rexbo, a child’s play

If the air-conditioning compressor and the condenser or the fan of the heater are not functioning properly, then traveling in the car becomes a torture, over and above that there is the threat of water damage and that of dampness. With spare parts from rexbo you can comfortably make sure that it does not come to this point at a low price. In the columns “Heating/Ventilation”, “Air-Conditioning” and “Radiator” you will find a comprehensive selection in the area of cooling & climate control – from the fan via air-conditioning compressors and condensers, up to the required control units and sensors.

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