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The clutch unit: the different components and their function

When you speak about a clutch, then you primarily mean the releasing type foot operated clutch as commonly used in automobiles. It is a power operated clutch with a clutch disc which permits the start-up and allows gear-changes. The foot operated clutch with cars and the one operated by hand of motor cycles is the most well know clutch type overall. It is a clutch operated by manual power which makes starting up and the changing of gears possible. The clutch is a wearing part. When exchanging, the whole unit is usually exchanged, including release-ring and clutch disc. Sometimes the flywheel is part of the clutch unit.

The clutch unit in detail: This is how flywheel, pressure plate and clutch disc work

The two areas of function of the clutch unit are as follows: The friction and stabile connection comes to bear when starting up, in this connection, one speaks of the slipping clutch. When changing gears the transmission torque must be interrupted for a few seconds. Now the clutch separates the connection between engine and transmission and compensates for a possible difference in revolutions effectively with slipping.  

The design usually consists of a clutch disc which has ring-shaped friction linings on both sides and is held between two discs, the flywheel and the pressure plate. These two discs are fixed to the crankshaft. The flywheel is attached solid to the crankshaft, while a diaphragm spring presses the pressure plate against the flywheel.  

The clutch disc on the other hand is attached torsionally stiff to the transmission shaft. In order to release the diaphragm spring, axial tension is required. In addition, the so called release ring is pressed against the spring by means of the clutch pedal. This then turns inside-out whereby the pressure plate separates the flywheel. When the clutch pedal is released the opposite effect takes place.   

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