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Top Suspension Brands

Vehicle springs: As a coil spring on the chassis, a leaf-spring or bellow

The suspension is an integrated part of vehicle chassis. It equalizes rough road surfaces, pot-holes and bumps as much as possible, prevents jolts, bouncing and yawing of the car body thus increasing traction. At the same time driving comfort is improved. Of common use are coil springs, leaf springs or even air-suspension with bellows.  

Designs: Spring with spring-plate, leaf-spring, bellow

Presently, mainly coil springs are used in automobiles, manufactured from appropriate spring-steel wire. The springs are made with a certain number of windings and feature a linear or also a progressive spring rate.  While with the first version, spring action increases evenly, the progressive springs feature a soft action at first. When spring action increases the chassis spring becomes harder. The springs are clamped into spring plates. Commercial vehicle construction is continuing to use leaf-springs. Instead of coils-springs, flat rectangular profiles are doing the damping work as a rule. Leaf-springs are arched under tension and for example are put in place on the rear axle of trucks, usually carrying heavy loads. Widely in use with trucks and the like is air-suspension with bellows. In the bellow is compressed air which creates a counterforce during compression and decompression for the present dynamic driving forces. Air-suspension is also installed in some passenger cars of the premium segment. In the event the bellow fails due to a lack of air, emergency elements in form of mechanical chassis suspension are in place.

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