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Perfect contact with the roadway, on any surface and under all climate conditions. It has been the dream of any car driver for a long time and has finally become true by continuous further development of the chassis and steering, it has become reality, step by step. However, along with it is an ever increasing complexity in the different components. Whether it is shock absorbers with electronic adjustment controls or a chassis with air suspension – as dependable and comfortable these different elements may be, when they do get worn out and have to be replaced, one is glad to have a low price source for these parts needed.

From shock absorbers to a complete chassis, we have the parts which fit  

You will find a comprehensive selection at rexbo. Everything you need for expert repairs of your chassis can be ordered with just a few clicks. Amongst other things, there are high quality mechanical items in form of stabilizers, struts, uprights, bearings and joints as well as chassis springs, shocks and steering gears – but also electronic parts. In this section we are keeping different model specific articles for you, amongst others high grade tire pressure- and steering angle sensors and/or applicable control units for chassis and load-level equalizers.  

Naturally rexbo is there for you with chassis components, attractive in price and quality. Try us!